The wheelchair model NSL957 LQ-41 (46) with manual drive is designed for movement of patients and invalids with partial loss of musculoskeletal functions in conditions of premises and on paved areas
to overcome insignificant distances.
The frame of the product is made of aluminum. Armrests, if necessary, recline, which makes it convenient to plant
and disembark the invalid. The model is equipped with plastic front and rear wheels, moving footrests,
two parking brakes.


MANUAL WHEEL CHAIR – SP957LQ Technical data:

Seat width 450 mm
Maximum working width 600 mm
Rear-wheel diameter 610 mm
Diameter of front-wheel 150 mm
Height from floor to sitting 500 mm
Height from floor to back 900 mm
Lifting capacity 100 kg
The weight 15.9 kg

Folding and unfolding

A wheelchair folds and unfolds without a tool. Additionally  You can fold the wheelchair by pulling the seat up, which is carried out in reverse order. Leg support Moreover, Simultaneously, press the side elements of the structure, where the seat is fixed, down from itself to the full unfolding.

MANUAL WHEELCHAIR – SP957LQ,  Also, this model is equipped with moving footrests.
Further, to install the supports on the wheelchair, it is necessary to put the support
on the guides on the frame and turn away from the wheel until the lock releases.

Additionally, Sidewalls and armrests The MANUAL WHEEL CHAIR – SP957LQ is equipped with folding height-adjustable armrests. With the help of the lock button, it can flood the armrests.

Brakes The
Also, the wheelchair is equipped on the left and right with parking brake levers, by moving the lever, furthermore the
can break up the wheelchair to complete blockage.

Moreover, the weel chair wheels are working smoothly.


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