Cervical Traction Kit (Wall Mounted)


Cervical Traction Kit (Wall Mounted) is used in physical therapy to relieve neck pain and cervical radiculopathy. It is a modality applied to your neck to stretch it.

Cervical Traction Kit (Wall Mounted)

In other words, this action takes the pressure off the vertebrae discs by pulling your head away from your neck. This form of neck treatment has been proven highly effective and fast-acting

When you Feel neck pain or in your arm stemming from your neck pain, please go to your nearest physical therapist, and it might suggest a Cervical Traction kit to relife your pain. Cervical Traction kit exercises generally stretch your neck. The use of cervical traction sounds scary and painful full the first time, but this exercise has different benefits. At different times your neck pain limits your ability to turn your face and do daily activities like walking, talking, or sleeping.
Cervical traction can help you in pain and stretch the neck.
In other words, this excises pressure off the vertebrae discs by pulling your face and head.

Different world-famous physical therapists prove this pain relief way. It’s a good alternative to relife neck pain other than surgery. Cervical traction is using different ways as per your purpose.
Most physical therapists treat this exercise for neck pain with a different option like monal, over the door, mechanical traction.
These are all ways to relax the neck muscle and stiffness or significantly increase flexibility.






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